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爱上海419IFJ / 2023-09-10
Kesedo: Joining Chelsea is a dream come true, can’t wait to start a new journey with the team

Live Bar August 15 news Chelsea officially announced that the club signed Brighton midfield kesedo. Several media confirmed that kesido’s transfer fee was as high as 0.115 billion pounds, breaking the Premier League transfer record. In an official interview with Chelsea, kesedo said he had realized his dream. After signing the contract, kesedo said: “I […]

Youth storm! The average age of Chelsea midfield is 19.9 years old, and the biggest Gallagher is only 23 years old.

Live Bar, August 15 news official news, Chelsea signed Brighton midfield kesedo. In addition, Chelsea will also finalize la. Including these two new reinforcements, the average age of Chelsea midfield is 19.9, the biggest Gallagher is 23, and the youngest Lewis Hall is only 18. Enzo (22 years old) Kesedo (21 years old) Gallagher (23 […]

夜上海论坛RXQ / 2023-08-31
Manchester United vs Wolves starting: Master la & garanjo starting, Mount and ona first show

Live broadcast, August 15 news the first round of the Premier League, Manchester United’s home game against Wolves is about to start. Before the game, the starting lineup was released. Manchester United debut: 24-Ona, 23-Luke Shaw, 6-Lisandro-Martínez, 19-Varane, 29-10,000-pizza card, 18-Casemiro, 7-mount, 8-B fee, 49-garanjo, 21-Anthony, 10-Rushford Manchester United substitute: 26-Dean Henderson, 2-lindelov, 5-Maguire, 20-Dalot, […]

阿拉爱上海QZM / 2023-08-22
Ultimate Black shop💰Brighton sold 8 people in the past year, with a total income of nearly 0.35 billion euros.

Live broadcast bar, August 15, official news, kesedo transferred to Chelsea with 0.133 billion euros. Brighton sold players over the past year, earning a total of 0.3433 billion euros in transfer fee. 1. Kaisedo: 0.133 billion euros 2. Cuicu Leilia: 65.3 million euros 3. McAllister: 42 million euros 4. Bisuma: 29.2 million euros 5. Trosard: […]

2023上海龙凤UNB / 2023-07-18
Mane Middle Road beat the door and entered the first goal after joining the Victory in Riyadh.

Live broadcast bar, August 15 news: the first round of Sha Telian, the victory of Riyadh vs Daman collaboration. In the fourth minute of the match, Mane Middle Road broke the door and scored the first goal after joining the Victory in Riyadh! Victory in Riyadh 1-0 leads Daman collaboration!

La Liga first round-Atletico Madrid vs Granada first start: AZP league debut, Morata and greezman play

Live Bar, August 15 news in the first round of La Liga, Atletico Madrid played against Granada at home. Before the game, the two sides announced the first list. Starting from Atletico Madrid: 13-AO Buraq, 3-aspiriquetta, 15-Savage, 22-El Moso, 5-De Paul, 6-cock, 11-Lemar, 14-Marcos-Llorent, 21-Carrasco, 7-glezman, 19-Morata Atletico Madrid substitutes: 1-gerbilge, 31-Gomes, 4-seyunju, 8-Saur, 17-Garland, […]

Jealous? Reporter: Rava chose the Blues because he was disappointed with Liverpool’s pursuit of kesedo.

Live Bar, August 15 News several media confirmed that although Liverpool had been pursuing players for a long time, Rava finally decided to join Chelsea with a transfer fee of 50 million pounds plus a floating bonus. According to The Times reporter Paul Joyce, Liverpool denied that the club had reached an agreement with Southampton […]

爱上海后花园OVC / 2023-06-18
Seagull made moneyBrighton signed kaisedo in 5 million euros and sold 0.133 billion euros to the Blues two years later.

Live broadcast bar, August 15 -official news: kessedo joined Chelsea with a transfer fee of 0.115 billion pounds, which is about 0.133 billion euros if converted into euros. Kesedo was transferred from independent Athletics to Brighton in the summer of 2021. at that time, the transfer fee was 5 million euros. In the 22/23 season, […]

上海龙凤花坊REF / 2023-06-06
25.6 million euros for soupReporter: kessedo mother team will receive 20% transfer share, about 25.6 million euros

Live broadcast bar, August 15 -official news: Brighton midfield kesedo joined Chelsea. According to several media reports, kesedo’s transfer fee reached 0.115 billion pounds! According to the reporter César Luis Merlo, after the transfer of kesedo to Chelsea, his mother Team Valley independence (Ecuador club) will get 20% of the transfer fee share. César Luis […]

Warm official XuanIn the blue officer propaganda video, kesido’s mother and son talked about their dreams and past.

Mother: Today is the day (dream comes true), my child. Keserdo: Mom, do you remember when that photo was taken? Mother: Yes child, I still remember that it was taken in kayanbei in 2020. Keserdo: It’s been a long time since then, but it finally happened. Mother: Now our dream has finally come true, everyone’s […]