Thursday, June 20, 2024
UndesiredThe fans who left the team scolded a lot, and the official announcement of Rome was not blessed.

Live Bar, August 15-Rome officially announced that Mattich joined Ryan. Rome only briefly wrote about leaving the team on Twitter and did not send blessings to many players before leaving the team. Looking at the comment area of the official announcement, you can also see that many Roman fans have no good words about the […]

上海品茶网NPB / 2023-04-20
The Blues signed Enzo & kesedo, breaking the Premier League transfer record twice in 2023.

Live Bar, August 15 -official news: Chelsea signed kesedo and 0.115 billion pounds (0.133 billion euros) of transfer fee signed kesedo, setting a new Premier League transfer fee record. The previous record of the transfer fee of the Premier League was also maintained by the Blues. It was Enzo signed by Chelsea winter window, and […]

上海后花园ZWG / 2023-04-19
➕5 million pounds! Liverpool 0.11 billion pounds tried to cut off Hu kaisedo, Chelsea 0.115 billion pounds cut off Hu

Live Bar August 15 news official news, Brighton midfield kesedo 0.115 billion pounds to join Chelsea. Kesedo has been the target of Chelsea this summer. They have previously offered 80 million pounds but were rejected. On 11th day of this month, Liverpool made an offer of 0.11 billion pounds to try to cut off Hu, […]