Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Teng Hach: after laying the foundation, we need to raise the standard. Ganacho deserves the first chance.

Live broadcast on August 15 news the first round of the Premier League, Manchester United’s home game against Wolves is about to begin. Before the game, Teng Hach was interviewed by Sky Sports.

Teng Hach said: “We have laid the foundation and now we need to raise the standard. Just doing well is not good enough.”

Today, Mount and Ona will have the first show in the official match. Teng Hach said: “Mount is a player who can help us achieve goals. In my opinion, Onana’s football style is more diversified. Whether it is our formation of high oppression or low defense, he can play very well.”

Teng Hach also talked about the starting Ghana Joe: “Last season, Ghana Joe made great progress. He has great potential. He was very threatening in one-on-one. At the same time, he can also complete the final end. He can do this on the bench, but I think he should be given a chance to start and let him play.”


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