Saturday, May 18, 2024

Telegraph: the delay between Manchester United Maguire caused West Ham to lose patience and consider giving up Maguire

Live broadcast bar, August 15, news from Telegraph, West Ham lost patience and began to look for other central defenders because Manchester United and Maguire had not negotiated the salary conditions for leaving the team.

The 30 million pound transfer fee transaction is now considered a balanced price, and West Ham is impatient with the length of the transaction.

This issue is considered to be a problem between Manchester United and Maguire and does not involve West Ham. This is a blow to West Ham, because they were more and more confident that they could complete the transfer on the weekend.

Maguire has been told that he can leave Manchester United because his ranking in the team under tenhach has decreased. Maguire is the preferred target of West Ham coach Moyes, but Hammer gang has to consider other defense candidates, because it takes longer to complete the deal of Maguire. It remains to be seen whether the deal will be reached, but as the season progresses, West Ham believes they cannot wait any longer.


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