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阿拉爱上海WEZ / 2023-02-08

Official: Florence signed 22-year-old riverbed forward beltland, with a total transfer fee of over 25 million euros.

Live broadcast on August 15 news Florence officially announced that the club signed riverbed striker Lucas Beltrand and signed the contract until 2028.

According to previous media confirmation, Beltrand’s total transfer fee is 25 million euros. According to the statistics of the German transfer market website, beltland’s basic transfer fee is 12 million euros. After joining Florence, beltland’s annual salary was 1.8 million euros.

Argentina center Beltrand is 22 years old and joined riverbed youth training in 2016. Currently, Germany has turned around and valued 12 million euros. In 2021, the player officially rose to the first team of riverbed. Until now, Beltrand has played 78 games on behalf of the first team of riverbed, scoring 22 goals and gaining 8 assists. Previously, Bertrand was elected to Argentina U20 national team, but did not complete the appearance.


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