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上海龙凤花坊REF / 2023-06-06

25.6 million euros for soupReporter: kessedo mother team will receive 20% transfer share, about 25.6 million euros

Live broadcast bar, August 15 -official news: Brighton midfield kesedo joined Chelsea. According to several media reports, kesedo’s transfer fee reached 0.115 billion pounds!

According to the reporter César Luis Merlo, after the transfer of kesedo to Chelsea, his mother Team Valley independence (Ecuador club) will get 20% of the transfer fee share.

César Luis Merlo pointed out that according to the terms of the transfer agreement between kesedo and Brighton in 2021 (the transfer fee of players at that time was 5 million euros), his mother Team Valley would receive 20% of the transfer fee share independently, about 28 million dollars (25.6 million euros).

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