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爱上海419IFJ / 2023-09-10
Kesedo: Joining Chelsea is a dream come true, can’t wait to start a new journey with the team

Live Bar August 15 news Chelsea officially announced that the club signed Brighton midfield kesedo. Several media confirmed that kesido’s transfer fee was as high as 0.115 billion pounds, breaking the Premier League transfer record. In an official interview with Chelsea, kesedo said he had realized his dream. After signing the contract, kesedo said: “I […]

Youth storm! The average age of Chelsea midfield is 19.9 years old, and the biggest Gallagher is only 23 years old.

Live Bar, August 15 news official news, Chelsea signed Brighton midfield kesedo. In addition, Chelsea will also finalize la. Including these two new reinforcements, the average age of Chelsea midfield is 19.9, the biggest Gallagher is 23, and the youngest Lewis Hall is only 18. Enzo (22 years old) Kesedo (21 years old) Gallagher (23 […]