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Premier League new bid King! Official: Chelsea signed kesedo, with a total transfer fee of 0.115 billion pounds.

Live Bar, August 15 -official news: Chelsea signed Ecuador midfield kesedo from Brighton, and both parties signed for 8+1 years. According to the previous Romano news, the total transfer fee of this transaction is as high as 0.115 billion pounds, setting a British transfer record!

According to the previous Sky Sports News, the details of the 0.115 billion pounds transfer fee of kaisedo are 0.1 billion pounds basic style, and the other 15 million pounds are floating terms. The floating terms are based on the number of appearances and European qualifications.

Kesedo became the King of the Premier League’s historical transfer bid with a transfer fee of 0.115 billion pounds (0.133 billion euros). The previous bid King was Enzo, and his transfer fee to Chelsea at winter window was 0.121 billion euros. Chelsea also refreshed the Premier League transfer fee record twice this year.

Chelsea official announcement

Chelsea are pleased to announce that the team has signed moisses-kesedo, Ecuador international.

The 21-year-old midfield player signed an 8-year contract with the club. The club can also choose to renew the contract for one year. He joined Chelsea from Brighton in the Premier League.

Kaisedo is 21 years old and of Ecuador nationality. He is 1.78m tall and usually has the right foot. Kesedo is mainly a defensive midfield on the court and can also serve as a right-back. Kesedo joined Brighton with a transfer fee of 5 million euros in February 2021, making 53 appearances for Brighton’s first team in total, with the latest German turning price of 75 million euros.

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