Saturday, May 18, 2024
Youth storm! The average age of Chelsea midfield is 19.9 years old, and the biggest Gallagher is only 23 years old.

Live Bar, August 15 news official news, Chelsea signed Brighton midfield kesedo. In addition, Chelsea will also finalize la. Including these two new reinforcements, the average age of Chelsea midfield is 19.9, the biggest Gallagher is 23, and the youngest Lewis Hall is only 18. Enzo (22 years old) Kesedo (21 years old) Gallagher (23 […]

上海龙凤花坊REF / 2023-06-06
25.6 million euros for soupReporter: kessedo mother team will receive 20% transfer share, about 25.6 million euros

Live broadcast bar, August 15 -official news: Brighton midfield kesedo joined Chelsea. According to several media reports, kesedo’s transfer fee reached 0.115 billion pounds! According to the reporter César Luis Merlo, after the transfer of kesedo to Chelsea, his mother Team Valley independence (Ecuador club) will get 20% of the transfer fee share. César Luis […]

上海足疗论坛EUZ / 2023-03-23
Official: 35-year-old Matty joined French Regen, transfer fee 3 million euros & signing for 2 years

Live broadcast bar, August 15, official news, 35-year-old Roman midfield Mattich joined France Regen, and the two sides signed a contract from 2 to 2025. According to previous reports, his transfer fee is 3 million euros. Mattich, 35 years old, joined Rome freely by Manchester United in June 22. Last season, he played 50 times […]