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阿拉爱上海WEZ / 2023-02-08
Official: Florence signed 22-year-old riverbed forward beltland, with a total transfer fee of over 25 million euros.

Live broadcast on August 15 news Florence officially announced that the club signed riverbed striker Lucas Beltrand and signed the contract until 2028. According to previous media confirmation, Beltrand’s total transfer fee is 25 million euros. According to the statistics of the German transfer market website, beltland’s basic transfer fee is 12 million euros. After […]

2023上海龙凤WVS / 2023-01-11
Romano: Villa has a total price of 27 million euros. Rent it first and then buy Zaniolo. The transaction is close to reaching.

Live broadcast on August 15 news reporter Romano news, Vera is close to signing Zaniolo, the transaction will be Green soon, and then here we go. Romano said that Vera would pay 3 million euros of rental fees and bear the full salary. The buyout option was 20 million euros. (beltalowda)