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上海后花园JRY / 2023-03-28
First round of Saudi Arabia-victory in Riyadh vs Daman co-launch: Mane and Henderson first launch C Luo absent

Live broadcast bar, August 15 news: the first round of Sha Telian, the victory of Riyadh and the away match against Daman cooperated. Before the game, the official announced the starting list of this game. The first win in Riyadh: 44-Achidi, 12-NAVAF, 4-Fatil, 21-A-Makata, 13-Konan, 17-habali, 19-Hasan, 8-sulesim, 46-Ariva, 29-garrib, 10-mane Daman collaboration starts: 48-Victor, […]