Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Rice body: LOZANO rejected the renewal offer of 2 million euros in Naples, and may leave the team.

Live broadcast on August 15 according to the report of La Gazzetta dello Sport, LOZANO rejected the renewal offer of Naples’s 2 million euros salary cut, and may transfer at the last moment. With the last year left in the contract with Naples in LOZANO, he has rejected the offer for a salary cut and […]

Juve official: Zakaria transfer to Monaco, transfer fee 20 million euros

Live Bar, August 15 -juve official news, Zakaria transferred to Monaco. According to the previous report of Romano, Zakaria’s transfer fee was 20 million euros. Zakaria joined Juve from menxing in the winter window of 2022 with a transfer fee of 10.1 million euros. He played 15 games for Juve. He joined Chelsea on loan […]