Thursday, June 20, 2024
Warm official XuanIn the blue officer propaganda video, kesido’s mother and son talked about their dreams and past.

Mother: Today is the day (dream comes true), my child. Keserdo: Mom, do you remember when that photo was taken? Mother: Yes child, I still remember that it was taken in kayanbei in 2020. Keserdo: It’s been a long time since then, but it finally happened. Mother: Now our dream has finally come true, everyone’s […]

Romano: Manchester City will get 10 million pounds from the transfer of La Via, but the repurchase terms are no longer valid.

Live broadcast on August 15 News several media confirmed that Rava refused Liverpool and hoped to join Chelsea. The transfer fee was 50 million pounds of basic fee plus floating bonus. Earlier media reported that Manchester City had the priority repurchase clause of Rava, which was 45 million pounds. But Romano said that Manchester City’s […]