Thursday, June 20, 2024
Youth storm! The average age of Chelsea midfield is 19.9 years old, and the biggest Gallagher is only 23 years old.

Live Bar, August 15 news official news, Chelsea signed Brighton midfield kesedo. In addition, Chelsea will also finalize la. Including these two new reinforcements, the average age of Chelsea midfield is 19.9, the biggest Gallagher is 23, and the youngest Lewis Hall is only 18. Enzo (22 years old) Kesedo (21 years old) Gallagher (23 […]

La Liga first round-Atletico Madrid vs Granada first start: AZP league debut, Morata and greezman play

Live Bar, August 15 news in the first round of La Liga, Atletico Madrid played against Granada at home. Before the game, the two sides announced the first list. Starting from Atletico Madrid: 13-AO Buraq, 3-aspiriquetta, 15-Savage, 22-El Moso, 5-De Paul, 6-cock, 11-Lemar, 14-Marcos-Llorent, 21-Carrasco, 7-glezman, 19-Morata Atletico Madrid substitutes: 1-gerbilge, 31-Gomes, 4-seyunju, 8-Saur, 17-Garland, […]