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上海花千坊WZO / 2023-03-13
Reporter: Liverpool had a chance to sign Enzo at 15 million pounds last year, but the club opposed the introduction of players.

Live broadcast on August 15 according to The Times reporter Paul Joyce, Enzo was recommended to Liverpool last summer when he was still playing for the Argentine riverbed club. At that time, Liverpool may only need 15 million pounds to bring in players, but in the end the club opposed the signing of Enzo, and […]

Juve official: Zakaria transfer to Monaco, transfer fee 20 million euros

Live Bar, August 15 -juve official news, Zakaria transferred to Monaco. According to the previous report of Romano, Zakaria’s transfer fee was 20 million euros. Zakaria joined Juve from menxing in the winter window of 2022 with a transfer fee of 10.1 million euros. He played 15 games for Juve. He joined Chelsea on loan […]

Crazy! Kaisedo 0.115 billion pounds transfer fee into British super historical standard King & Fifth in football

Live broadcast bar, August 15 -official news: kesedo will join Chelsea with a total transfer fee of 0.115 billion pounds (0.133 billion euros). This transfer is the most expensive transfer in the history of the Premier League and can also rank 5th in the world transfer fee ranking. Previous World transfer fee ranking ↓ 1. […]