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阿拉爱上海QZM / 2023-08-22
Ultimate Black shop💰Brighton sold 8 people in the past year, with a total income of nearly 0.35 billion euros.

Live broadcast bar, August 15, official news, kesedo transferred to Chelsea with 0.133 billion euros. Brighton sold players over the past year, earning a total of 0.3433 billion euros in transfer fee. 1. Kaisedo: 0.133 billion euros 2. Cuicu Leilia: 65.3 million euros 3. McAllister: 42 million euros 4. Bisuma: 29.2 million euros 5. Trosard: […]

Teng Hach: after laying the foundation, we need to raise the standard. Ganacho deserves the first chance.

Live broadcast on August 15 news the first round of the Premier League, Manchester United’s home game against Wolves is about to begin. Before the game, Teng Hach was interviewed by Sky Sports. Teng Hach said: “We have laid the foundation and now we need to raise the standard. Just doing well is not good […]